Vetality Brush Free Twist and Lick Dental Gel Plus Daily Dental Chew for Dogs

Gel that Cleans all day – Patented ProLong Technology naturally adheres to teeth and gums – each application releases 24 hours of continual cleaning.

Say farewell to stinky breath, and hello to vet approved dog dental care that’s fun for both your dog AND you too.

Freshens breath + promotes healthy gums: Twist + Lick freshens breath the lasting way: with quick release and sustained action.

Your dog’s breath will freshen quickly and stay fresh

Powerful clean, easy to chew – our Daily Dental Chews are specially designed with a texture that provides a deep brushing clean down to your dog’s gums while remaining soft enough for all dogs to comfortably chew and digest – including senior dogs, puppies, and even dogs with a sensitive stomach

Proudly made in the USA – Vetality proudly sources only the best ingredients and makes our products right here in the United States

  • Just twist to the desired amount, and your dog will eagerly lick this tasty and effective oral gel.
  • No Brush.
  • No Mess.
  • If your dog is like our dogs, they’ll be asking for it every morning (and you’ll love it too)!

Pair the special texture of Vetality Daily Dental Chews for a deep brushing clean with Twist & Lick Dental Gel that adheres to your dog’s teeth and gums for 24 hours of continual cleaning.

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