Choosing The Best Dog Toothbrush For Your Dog

As a dog owner, you would always want to buy the best toothbrush for your dog. But how do you select the best dog toothbrush that’s suitable for your dog? If you think one doggy toothbrush is much like another, think again.

The dog toothbrush that works for a Great Dane is no good for a Chihuahua. You need to use the right tool for the job. The type of dog toothbrush you choose is important.

Wait! There are different types of dog toothbrushes?” You would ask.

Yes there are!

Selecting the right doggy toothbrush is the difference between a battle of wills or happy dogs who want to get their teeth brushed. With this in mind, let’s sweep away the confusion in choosing a dog toothbrush that’s perfect for your dog.

Dog Toothbrush FAQ

Before we get into the details of different types of dog toothbrushes, let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions.

Why can’t you use your old toothbrush to brush dog’s teeth?

Firstly, if it’s not good enough for you then it’s not good enough for the dog. And secondly, are too hard for a dog’s teeth and can cause scratched enamel and sore, bleeding gums.

Plus, the angle of the brush handle is not convenient for our pet pals.

Can you use a baby toothbrush to brush dog’s teeth?

This is getting closer, but far from ideal.

Whilst the bristles are softer, the angle of the head is all wrong. Also the handle is too short. You may get away with a child’s toothbrush for a small dog, but it’s harder to do the brushing.

What should you consider when buying a doggy toothbrush?

If you are new to brushing dog’s teeth, then invest in some tasty dog toothpaste (when they like the flavor, what’s not to love about getting it all round your mouth?) and a dog finger toothbrush.

Also consider your dog’s size.

For large hounds, look for a brush with a long handle and a double end, so you can reach right to the back and get into all those nooks and crannies. Whilst for a small dog, a double-headed brush is ideal as it can brush both surfaces of the teeth at the same time.


Remember, you need to replace the brush regularly, so a is an economic way of making sure you always have a doggy toothbrush handy.

Types of Dog Toothbrush

Here’s a quick question for you.

What would you do if, without explanation, someone stuck a bristly stick into your mouth?

Your first instinct would be to pull away, right? This is exactly what most dogs do.

Because the dog doesn’t understand what tooth brushing is, their natural reaction is to resist. This is where different types of dog toothbrushes play a part.

Classic Single Head Dog Toothbrushes

A similar idea to , but with an angled head to better fit a dog’s mouth.

We are comfortable with the familiar design of the single head toothbrush. After all it’s what we use every day.

The dog toothbrush variety has a different angulation of the head on the handle so that it slides nicely along a dog’s long jawline.

The bristles should also be baby soft so as not to irritate their gums.

We recommend . Its novel design incorporates alternating rubber and nylon bristles, for superior cleaning power without scratching.

One satisfied reviewer described it as the “” of a dog toothbrush. Many customers praised the Arm & Hammer dog toothbrushes to clean effectively between teeth. Read on Amazon.

Double-Ended Dog Toothbrushes

Ease of use when cleaning different sized teeth within the same dog’s mouth.

If one brush is good, then are two brushes better?

Oh yeah!

A double-ended dog toothbrush has a small head at one end and a large one at the other. This makes it super easy to switch ends between small incisors and large molars.

With a flick of the fingers you become the teeth cleaning equivalent of a baton-twirling cheerleader.

Our favorites are the multi-pack, and the dog toothbrush set.

We selected the product for its superb value for money.

You get not one, not two…but six double-ended brushes in the pack, representing a year’s worth of tooth brushing when used at an average rate.

But the value doesn’t mean compromising quality with each brush tested for optimum bristle texture. The bristles aren’t too soft and aren’t too hard, but just right.

Also, Pet Republique gives 15 % of their profits to the to support shelter pets.

We recommend the set because it is a good buy with two, double-headed brushes with added value in the shape of a finger brush with bristles.

It was because of the versatility with an extra-long handle and extra soft bristles for a pain free brush, and a great angle on the head for a comfortable clean.

Double-Headed Dog Toothbrushes

These clever brushes cut cleaning time in half by brushing both tooth surfaces at once.

A variation on the classic dog toothbrush is the double-headed brush. It’s a simple enough idea. Instead of having a flat brush, two (or more) brushes ‘wrap’ around the exposed surfaces of the teeth.

When positioned correctly this allows you to brush the top and both sides of the dental arcade without adjusting the angle of the brush.

However, just be aware it’s important to choose the right sized double headed toothbrush for your dog. Because the heads wrap around the tooth, using a small brush on a large dog means the bristles won’t reach down far enough to massage the gum line.

We recommend EZ Dog Toothbrush Kit by , which comes with a multi-headed doggy toothbrush and toothpaste. This is going to make cleaning a small dog’s teeth a breeze, with those soft bristles brushing the enamel and also massaging the gums to keep them healthy into the bargain.

Dog Finger Toothbrush

These are a great for pet parents new to tooth brushing as it’s just like moving a fingertip over the dog’s teeth.

If you find a toothbrush awkward to maneuver inside a dog’s mouth, try a dog finger toothbrush instead. These slip onto a fingertip to give the cleaning power of a brush but with excellent control.

Many dogs who object to a doggy toothbrush being put in their mouth, readily accept a finger brush.

The 3 Best Finger Toothbrushes for Small Dogs

Our top recommendations are:

  • set of six finger brushes
  • set of four finger brushes
  • set of two finger brushes

Dog Toothbrush Glove

A course fabric sleeve that fits over a finger and cleans using the abrasive nature of the cloth. Great for dogs that don’t like brushes.

A glove-type dog toothbrush is ideal for pet owners who want to feel where they are brushing in order to do a thorough job. Plus, the course fabric is gentler on dog’s gums than a bristle brush.

We recommend . This is a microfiber finger glove which allows you to accurately feel exactly where you’re brushing.

It was most popular amongst owners of small dogs, for whom a doggy toothbrush was simply too big or too scratchy. Or for dogs who hated a toothbrush in their mouth.

Best Puppy Toothbrush

A puppy toothbrush needs to be small and yet sturdy enough to stand up to chewing! Of course it needs to clean effectively but those bristles must be kind enough not to hurt tender gums, especially when teething.

We recommend for puppies. This kit comes with the magical ingredient for encouraging cooperation – tasty dog toothpaste.

And as for the brush, it has a clever wrap-around head so that as long as you get the brush in roughly the right place it will clean whatever tooth surface it comes into contact with.

A real bonus for a mouthy pup!

Best Dog Toothbrush for Small Dogs

A small dog’s mouth has some fiddly nooks and crannies that can be difficult to get into. Look for a brush with a small head with soft bristles, which fits comfortably inside that small mouth.

We recommend the Pet Toothbrush because of the small brush and comfortable handle which makes it easy for the pet parent to grip and maneuver into those tricky corners. Made by , a company with a respected history in dental health products recommended by vets, this brush is designed making full use of their dental wisdom.

Time and time again reviewers praise how great this brush is for a small or toy dog’s mouth. Several owners dedicated to cleaning their dogs teeth remark how many different types of dog toothbrushes they have previously tried, but this is by far the easiest to use in their experience.

Best Dog Toothbrush for Medium Sized Dogs

For a medium sized dog look for a double-ended brush, which gives you the ability to clean those small incisors at the front of the mouth as thoroughly as the larger molars at the back?

We recommend , not least because you effectively get four brushes of different sizes. With a pawsome 82% of reviewers leaving , this is a rare beast of a brush set in receiving almost universal approval.

The main toothbrush has a wonderful ergonomic handle that sits well in the hand and is easy to maneuver (one less thing to worry about when you have a wriggly dog.) In addition, you receive two well-made finger brushes; one with nylon and the other with rubber bristles.

Best Dog Toothbrush for Large Dogs

If you’ve ever had anxiety dreams about cleaning a muddy SUV using only a toothbrush, then you’ll understand all about using the right tool for the job.

When cleaning a large dog’s mouth you need a doggy toothbrush with a long reach and large head, which can effectively clean large teeth quickly before the dog gets bored.

We recommend for large dogs. This Petrodex product has an unusual 360 degree brush, with bristles radiating in a circular pattern around the circumference of the brush.

This allows you to brush whatever surface of the teeth the brush is in contact with, without having to rotate it.

Reviewers were pawticularly impressed by that when the dog ‘mouthed’ the brush this only added to the cleaning action. Read Petrodex 2-in-1 Dog Toothbrush .

Electric Toothbrush for Dogs

How fast can you move your hand? The chances are you can’t match 333 strokes per second, which is what a top notch electric dog toothbrush achieves. The benefits of ultrasonic movements are well recognized in human dentistry as an excellent way to clean teeth, and this is no different for dog plaque removal.

Electric toothbrush technology is in the early stages in the pet sector. Key features to look for are silent operation so it doesn’t spook the dog, and brush heads angled to fit into a pooch’s mouth.

Top Electric Toothbrush for Small Dogs

Our favorite electric toothbrush for dogs was the , designed by Scandinavian veterinary dental specialists. It brushed the competition aside because of its silent motor, which makes it less alarming for anxious dogs.

This product also has angled heads to brush three surfaces of the tooth at once, which means less brushing time but without sacrificing thoroughness. It comes with interchangeable heads, one large and one small, to suit any sized mutt’s mouth.

A couple of reviewers did have issue with faulty switches, which was a disappointment as they liked the design of the brush. Another potential pitfall is the dog not liking the vibration of the motor. It’s wise to ensure your dog is comfortable with a regular dog toothbrush first. Read Petosan Sonic Dog Toothbrush .

Once they have accepted a brush, only then graduate onto an electric dog toothbrush.

Does a Dog Toothbrush Guarantee Problem Free Dog Teeth?

No! But it does go a huge way to ensuring better dental health. We wouldn’t dream of not brushing our teeth regularly, so why should a dog’s mouth be any different? The short answer is it isn’t, and our fur friends, large and small, should have their teeth brushed every day.

Do your dog a favor, brush up on their dental health today by investing in the doggy toothbrush for your best fur-friend!

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