How much does dog plaque removal cost?

Severe tartar buildup can inflict unnecassary distress on your dog. Besides, frequent visits to the vet for dog plaque removal treatments means expensive medical bills. This is especially true if you don’t have the best insurance to cover your dog’s dental treatment.

The typical cost of dog plaque removal may vary anywhere from $100 to $800. It depends on:

  1. Whether pre-dental blood work is required or not,
  2. The severity of tartar accumulation on dog’s teeth and
  3. If there’s any other serious damage to dog’s teeth.

The and physical exam could cost around $100. Regular brushing of teeth may additionally cost around $40 to $70 per year, which depends on the size of the dog.

If the dog is suffering from extreme periodontal conditions, deep scaling or a surgery may be required. In such cases, a surgery or teeth extractions may cost you about $1000 or more.

Controlling dog tartar using certain dental diets for dogs or dental treats can cost around $250 per year depending on how frequently you use them.

and teeth cleaning are essential to maintain good oral hygiene in your dog. It also prevents any irreparable damage to your dog’s teeth and ensures good overall health throughout his life.


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