Affiliate Disclosure is part of several affiliate sales networks. Some of these affiliate networks include ClickBank, Commission Junction, and many other smaller affiliate networks.

What this means is that, many of the advertisers, companies and manufacturers whose products and/ or services you see listed or reviewed on this site, pay us some referral fees for sending them customers and helping them make sales of their products and/ or services.

You should assume that all the links on this site are affiliate links. When you click on the affiliate links on this site and end up purchasing those products and/ or services, we receive compensation from the company that sells or advertises that product or service. Being a part of these affiliate networks and selling advertising space on this site, makes it possible for us to grow the website by posting more useful content for the readers. It also supports the necessary development and helps us cover our monthly expenditure in maintaining this website.

We sincerely thank you and appreciate it when you choose to use our affiliate links to purchase products. And we feel that it’s our duty to be upfront and transparent with you about the fact that we receive compensation for the purchases you may make using our affiliate links.

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