21 Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Products Your Dog Will Love (… So Will You!)

Are you looking for the best dog teeth cleaning products to improve your dog’s dental health?

Not wanting to keep your dog’s teeth healthy is as mad as saying that you enjoy your dog’s bad breath or love spending hundreds of dollars on dog teeth cleaning at the vet’s. The good news is, things just got a whole lot easier when it comes to dog dental care at home. To let you in on the secret, we give you a list of 21 of the best dog teeth cleaning products that lead to lovely fresh breath licks and kisses.

From super tasty dog toothpastes to dog food additives that reduce dog tartar formation, you’re guaranteed to find the best dog teeth cleaning products to improve the oral hygiene of your dog. So brush away doubt and get set for sparkling smiles…

Dog Toothpaste: Your Secret Weapon

Most pet parents think canine teeth cleaning is quite tricky. And in some cases this is true. However, the trick is to get the dog to welcome teeth cleaning sessions with a tasty dog toothpaste.

#1: Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

With nearly , of which 80% are five stars, Sentry Petrodex is popular product for a good reason. Its enzymatic action helps to breakdown the matrix of protein sludge that coats the teeth leading to plaque and tartar formation. This slows down the tartar formation on the dog’s teeth. Petrodex Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste is made in the US and has a great poultry taste.

So what’s not to like! and you’ll see what we mean.

#2: Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Toothpaste

The pedigree of this product is impressive, with it being the dog toothpaste of choice on sale at many vet clinics. The enzymatic action helps dog plaque removal, and it is a natural antibacterial which reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth. This is significant because it is the action of bacteria on plaque that causes it to harden into tartar.

Make your dogs dental care a doddle when you choose one of these delicious-to-dogs flavors:

#3: Arm & Hammer Advanced Care Enzymatic Toothpaste

This is the least costly of our recommended dog toothpastes. But that lower price tag belies how effective it is. You can afford to squeeze toothpaste from the tube for the dog to lap up, so they learn to love that beefy flavor.

Interestingly, divides opinion amongst users. A common gripe is the beef flavor. Which means instead of the pet having minty-fresh breath (such as we have after brushing) the dog has beefy-fresh breath. Another moot point is the product is made in China. But there is no evidence to say this product contains harmful ingredients and hence deserves a place amongst our best dog teeth cleaning products list.

The Dog Toothbrush: Brushing Up on Canine Teeth Cleaning

You’re getting into the groove now and pleasantly surprised by how much your dog loves the toothpaste. In our guide to best dog teeth cleaning products let’s take a look at the humble toothbrush.

#4: Double Ended Oral Hygiene Brushes

From the Great Dane to the Chihuahua, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and the same goes for their teeth. One of the secrets of improving your dog’s dental health is to choose a brush that fits comfortably in the dog’s mouth. It should get into the nooks and crannies, and shouldn’t be too hard or too soft.

This is where the handy Dog Toothbrush Set of Double Ended Brushes from come in. The price is extremely reasonable. Heck, you probably pay more for your own toothbrush. And you get the equivalent of four brushes. Two small headed and two larger. The nice and long handle allows you to access the back of the mouth, even in large breeds. This makes brushing your dog’s teeth very easy.

#5: Pet Republic Finger Toothbrush

Another option for our best dog teeth cleaning products is the . This handy little device is a small, has a knobbly plastic sleeve that fits over a fingertip and can be used as a toothbrush. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to try and hold onto a brush, because your finger becomes the brush. Many people find it much easier to lift their dog’s lips whilst brushing, when their hands are freed up in this way.

It comes as a pack of six. These are a great for cleaning teeth of different sized dogs. Although for the truly giant dog breeds, you may be a little hard pressed to reach right to the back of the mouth with this finger toothbrush.

Dental Sprays: Spritz Away a Dog’s Bad Breath

We promised you easy ways to improve the oral hygiene of your dog. So, how does a simple spritz once or twice a day sound? Amongst our best dog teeth cleaning products here are our favorite dog dental sprays.

#6: Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Spray

No one wants to have better teeth for dogs by risking their health. When shopping for dog dental sprays be ultra-alert and check the ingredients.

Caution: Some dental sprays contain grain alcohol, which is a toxin when ingested by dogs. Bearing in mind your dog is going to swallow rather than spit, it’s best to avoid a product containing grain alcohol.

has patented Denta-C formulation is proven to reduce bacteria in the mouth. It also helps reduce plaque formation on teeth and assists dog tartar removal. Of course this isn’t going to happen overnight. You need to use the spray regularly twice a day over a period of time for maximum benefits. The spray makes it super easy to use and deliver the product where it’s needed.

However, for dogs that are shy of the spritzing sound, try squirting it onto a cotton wool ball and then rubbing it over the teeth.

#7: Vet Recommended Dog Breath Freshener

It’s natural disinfectant properties earns it a place in our list of best dog teeth cleaning products. Unlike harsher dog tartar removal products, this contains natural products that are known to be beneficial to oral health. The ingredients include extracts of clove, cinnamon, and peppermint, and is formulated with honey and beneficial minerals.

Dog Dental Gels: Like Toothpaste But Without A Brush

Our list of best dog teeth cleaning products is designed so that every pet parent can find a product they can work with. If your heart sinks at the thought of brushing, and your dog doesn’t do sprays, then how about a dental gel?

#8: Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover Gel

uses natural ingredients such as green tea extract to kill oral bacteria and reduce plaque formation. Just put a couple of drops of Tropiclean gel into the cheek pouch on either side of the mouth, either once or twice a day.
Plenty of users were stunned at the results where even existing tartar deposits were gone after a couple of weeks of use.

Apply Tropiclean gel just before bedtime, so that it works overnight. In contact with saliva it helps to soften tartar. Then give brushing a go in the morning. It aids dog tartar removal by softening the deposits so they can then be rubbed away.

Because reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth it will improve a dogs bad breath. It will also combat sore gums (gingivitis) caused as a result of irritation from plaque and bacteria. Gingivitis is one of the first steps in gum recession. So by tackling this not only is your dog’s mouth less sore but also their teeth stay healthier for longer!

#9: Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dental Gel

Another of our best dog teeth cleaning products only needs to be used two or three times a week. suggest applying the gel to a fingertip and then rubbing it along the dog’s teeth. It contains natural ingredients such as grapefruit seed extract, neem oil, enzymes, and aloe. Together, these help combat your dogs bad breath, reduce plaque formation, and soften tartar.

For best results, withhold food and water for half an hour after application. Presumably this is so that the gel stays in contact with the teeth long enough to be effective. Reviewers loved how the ingredients were soothing to sore gums and reduced inflammation in a natural way.

Given the number of it is perhaps surprising the overall rating is not higher. This is because many of the dissatisfied one star reviewers confused the date of manufacture stamped on the tube, with an expiration date.

Water Additives: Better Dog Dental Care through Drinking

The best dog teeth cleaning products are those you’ll use regularly because they fit into a busy schedule. Water additives are just such products. These work best to prevent plaque formation, so are great to use in-between dental cleanings.

#10: Tropiclean Water Additive

The sister product to , this also uses natural ingredients including green tea extracts for a natural antiseptic effect. You simply use the measuring cap to decant the correct amount for your dog’s water bowl, and replace the water every day.

blankSome dogs take a little longer to get used to the taste than others. If this is the case, then start easy with a few drops, and build up the amount over time.

This disinfects the mouth (a bit like using a mouthwash), kills bacteria, and helps sweeten your dog’s bad breath. The overwhelming number of reviews for this product are entirely positive.

#11: Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Tartar Remover

Next on our list of best dog teeth cleaning products comes from the tried, trusted, and respected brand, . They started making healthy dog treats back in 1955 and created a name for themselves.

blank carries the reassurance of the Nylabone brand. It contains a natural detergent along with Denta-C. In combination these help change the pH of the dog’s mouth to make it a more hostile place for bacteria and to discourage tartar formation.

A top tip from reviewers is to fill the water bowl first, and then swirl in the measured about of additive. This prevents the mixture from becoming over frothy. Another reviewer who found their dog wasn’t keen on mildly minty water, diluted the additive with water and sprays it into their dog’s mouth, with great results.

Dog Chew Toys: Chewing Improves a Dog’s Dental Health

Actually, come to think of it the best dog teeth cleaning products are those were no effort is required at all. Enter the chew toy!

#12: PetAg Chunky Chew Beef Braided Ring

The benefits of chewing for dog dental health are well known. Chewing has an naturally abrasive effect on the enamel of teeth. Chewing action rubs away plaque before it hardens into tartar.

The is one of the best rawhide products on the market, for several reasons. blankThe rawhide comes from grass-fed beef and is guaranteed free from antibiotics and growth promoters. The product itself is manufactured in Brazil (not in China). It’s also a massively chunky chew and cleverly formed into a ring. This matters because it’s difficult for the dog to pull off a big chunk, so there’s little chance of them choking on large pieces.

Reviewers of loved it for all these reasons, and because it rubbed their dogs teeth clean. You can’t ask more than that. A dog that’s game-fully occupied chewing on a monster ring whilst cleaning their teeth in the process.

#13: Nylabone Dental Chew Toy

Not every dog owner is happy with rawhide. This is among the best dog teeth cleaning products. It has all the advantages of keeping your dog’s occupied, whilst you are assured of the safety of a product.

blankYour dog will love the flavor impregnated through this chew bone. And the best bit is that, the material from which the bone is made, breaks up into rice-sized pieces once chewed hard. So there’s no risk of a bowel blockage when your dog swallows bits of it.

This Nylabone product has over of which 70% are five star. However, be aware that there’s a right and a wrong way to use even a safe product like Nylabone. The product does need to be chewed to be digestible. But make sure that when the bone is chewed down to a stump, you throw the remaining part away. Make sure that large chunks are not swallowed (as for any product).

Dental Wipes for Dogs: Wipe Away your Dog’s Bad Breath

There is a convenience about a wet wipe which is hard to ignore. Just as keeping clean on the go is made easier by a handy wipe, so dog dental care at home can benefit from dental wipes.

#14: Kissable Dental Wipes

For peppermint and parsley fresh breath, these all natural dental wipes are the one for the job. You can wrap the wipe around your finger to rub it over the dog’s teeth, which is great for the dog that’s too squirmy for a toothbrush.

blank contain natural goodies as pomegranate (an antioxidant) aloe (natural disinfectant), rosemary, parsley, lavender, and baking soda for a gentle abrasive action.

Reviewers found are easy to use and maneuver around the dog’s mouth. This is a great choice for smaller dogs, since the only downside is they’re a tad on the small size for large breeds.

#15: Dechra DentAcetic Dental Wipes for Dogs

These dental wipes from Dechra are one of our best dog teeth cleaning products as they are vet approved. Some vets even supply them for routine maintenance of teeth after a dental procedure.

contain mild acetic acid, with clove and cinnamon flavoring to leave cinnamon fresh breath. The product is designed to remove plaque. It is great to reduce dog’s bad breath because of its natural disinfectant properties. blank

Reviewers with small dogs were particularly pleased with the result. However, for the larger dog, the pads are a bit small and you may find yourself getting through several in each session. In addition, the small pad size could prove a swallow hazard if you lost control of it in the dog’s mouth.

Dental Chews: Canine Teeth Cleaning through Chewing

We’ve already touched on the benefits of chewing for the oral hygiene of your dog, so now let’s step things up a level.

Dental chews are impregnated with substances that help reduce dog tartar and plaque. Choosing from the wealth of chews available in the market, here are the dental chews we recommend as best dog teeth cleaning products.

#16: Vibrac CET VeggieDent Dental Chews

If the name CET rings a bell, it’s because we looked at a dog toothpaste from the same range. Virbac has incorporated the same dental health science into a Z-shaped chew designed to reduce tartar and remove plaque.

blankThe main drawback with the hinges on the word “chew”. If your dog is a scoffer or a wolfer-down-in-once-piece type of chap, then these chews are no use to you. The cleaning action very much depends on the dog actually chewing the product.

Indeed, as with any chew or toy, if the dog swallows it whole it will pose a choking hazard or could risk a bowel blockage. However, these dental chews are certainly worth a shot for the dedicated chewer.

#17: OraVet Dental Chews

Another high science chew is this . Each chew is impregnated with delmopinol, an ingredient found in some human oral mouth washes. Delmopinol prevents the bacteria that produce those offensive sulfur smells which we smell as a dog’s bad breath.

have evidence that in around 50% of dogs that ate a dry food diet, there was a further reduction in plaque, tartar, and dog bad breath. It seems a high percentage of users agree with the claims, with rating a commendable rate of 82% five star reviews. Get more details about OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews.

Food Additives: A Powderful Way to Help Your Dog’s Teeth

The best dog teeth cleaning products are those you use regularly because there’s so little effort involved. Indeed, what could be easier than just sprinkling a supplement on top of the dog’s food?

#18: Vetri-Science Laboratories Perio Support Powder

You could be forgiven for feeling skeptical after reading the weird sounding list of ingredients in . However, it does work and is effective at what it claims to do.

If the tartar deposits on your dog’s teeth are heavy, then a vet descale is a wise investment. Afterwards, to keep that mouth clean and fresh, sprinkle dental health powder onto the dog’s food everyday. It kills the bacteria that would otherwise cause plaque to harden into tartar.

blankAnd in case you’re wondering, the ingredients include anise oil, fenugreek extract, yucca, dried probiotic bacteria, yeast fermentation soluble, and a sprinkle of glucose!

noticed a marked improvement in their dog’s bad breath within a few days of use.

#19: Mad About Organics Oral Care Food Additive

Made in the US, is one of the best dog teeth cleaning products. It doesn’t rely on a scrubbing action but is eaten with food. Rather than scrub away the accumulation of plaque, it works by changing the composition of the saliva. This makes the dog’s mouth a hostile place for bacteria to grow.

blankWithout bacteria the dog’s bad breath is gone and plaque cannot form. So again, the limitations are similar to those of the . In that, this is a great choice to use immediately after a dental procedure in order to maintain those sparkly whites. is also best to use in a dog that only has mild or moderate plaque formation. Simply use the scoop included in the pack and sprinkle a measured amount onto the food daily.

Oral Hygiene Kits: Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Products for Home

Not sure what to pick from the best dog teeth cleaning products? How about a dental kit that has everything you need to get started?

#20: Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit

Right at the beginning we started by looking at the most .

Well this great dental kit represents fantastic value for money. It contains the toothpaste, a double ended toothbrush, and a finger brush. If you’re new to dog teeth cleaning, then you have everything you need to work with your dog.

blankStart by using a blob of this poultry-flavored toothpaste to get the dog’s interest and cooperation. Play around to see which toothbrush gives you best ease of access to the mouth. As you would expect for such a reputable product, this has great reviews.

#21: Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit

Last but certainly not least, the final item on our list of best dog teeth cleaning products is another great idea from . Not only do you get the excellent dog toothpaste but included in the kit is a double-headed dog toothbrush. This is not a double-ended, but a double-headed toothbrush. This dog toothbrush cuts your dog teeth cleaning time in half.

blankWith a brush that has two-angled heads arranged in a ‘V’ form. It means one stroke of the brush captures both sides of the tooth. Hence reducing how long it takes to polish those inner and outer surfaces.

In fairness, reviewers were divided over whether they loved or hated . The double-headed brush proved a step too far for some people. It’s probably not the ideal beginners brush. But for those that had the knack of using it, they loved the innovative design.

And Finally…

When it comes to dog dental health the only unacceptable course of action is to do nothing. The gold standard remains daily tooth brushing for dogs. This will physically removes food debris and plaque, massages the gums to keep them healthy, and decreases bad breath in dogs.

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