Best Dental Wipes For Dogs

Not only do dog dental wipes work, they sure make things easier for you and your dog.

  • Dental wipes for dogs are inexpensive and safe to use.
  • Tooth wipes are a wonderful alternative to brushing dog’s teeth.
  • They’re great for all breeds of dogs and all ages; especially tiny dogs.
  • Using dental wipes are just as effective as brushing your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • The soft-texture on the wipes allows you to clean your dog’s gums and teeth gently.
  • The ingredients help prevent and remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar.
  • They’re formulated specially to prevent gingivitis and gum or tooth pain.
  • They’re a great way to introduce your dog to having his teeth cleaned for the first time.

Since dog tooth wipes are easier to use than a dog toothbrush and come in different flavors, dog’s don’t seem to mind them. That’s the reason why dog owners prefer using them more than a dog toothbrush.

Just like us humans, your dog’s teeth need to be taken care of! Believe it or not, your dog’s oral health has a significant impact on his overall quality of life. Just imagine, how you’d feel if you had an extremely bad toothache and couldn’t talk to tell anyone about it? Or how your mouth would feel and your breath might smell if you didn’t ever brush your teeth. Oral care is extremely important for your dog and brushing your dog’s teeth should be part of your daily schedule! Dental wipes for dogs are a great alternative to a dog toothbrush.

Taking care of your dog’s teeth will truly make a difference in his comfort, health, and his life. The good thing is that, there are many dog plaque removal products available for you to choose from.

Best Dental Wipes for Dogs

1. Pet MD Dog Breath Freshener Dental Wipes for Dogs

Wipes (per pack): 100 Count

The handy to use Pet MD Dog Breath Freshener wipes are not just convenient, but fast too. Apply the wipe gently to your dog’s teeth and gums and its done. With these easy to use wipes the need for a conventional dog toothbrush and paste will be a thing of the past.

2. DR.EASY Breath Freshener Dental Finger Wipes

The natural and healthy formula that is added to these wipes is carefully vetted and proven to be harmless to your pet’s health. Grapefruit Seed Extract & Honeysuckle, which are not only good for pets with allergies, but also will help the pet owners, groomers and veterinarians to help prevent their furry loved ones suffering from plaque and tartar that can lead to infection. Regular use will help in refreshing oral breath and prevent tartar buildup. Your dog will love these and you’ll definitely love them too!

3. Dechra Vetradent Dental Wipes for Dogs

  • These dog dental wipes from Dechra are odorless, tasteless, and colorless.
  • Vetradent contains zinc chloride to help reduce bad breath and citric acid to maintain the pH balance in the mouth
  • Biotrate Technology is unique because it works against bacteria by altering the environment in the oral cavity
  • Contains Biotrate technology to break through biofilm in the mouth, and reduce the bacteria responsible for plaque and tartar formation
  • Apply these dental wipe to your pet’s teeth and gums

4. Kissable Dental Wipes For Dogs

Wipes (per pack): 50 Count

Price: $9.79

These dog tooth wipes are a favorite of many small dog owners because they’re kinda small. Therefore, they’re not really the ideal wipes for large breed dogs These all natural dental wipes for dogs are absolutely perfect for your dog if he refuses to let you brush his teeth with a toothbrush.

They are a great choice if you’re introducing your dog to an oral care routine. They’re designed to clean the front and back of your dog’s teeth and at the same time deodorize and freshen your dog’s breath.

They’re alcohol free and their ingredients are all human grade. Thus making them great for dogs and puppies of all ages. The ingredients include baking soda and aloe which kinda works like toothpaste to remove the bacteria in your dog’s mouth that causes his bad breath.

Read Kissable Dental Wipes For Dogs .

5. MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Wipes 100ct

These textured wipes provide a gentle mechanical cleansing of plaque and odor that cause bacteria. The embedded taste-free solution naturally freshens the breath & safely cleanses your dogs oral cavity. These MAXI/GUARD ORAL CLEANSING WIPES combine a professional neutralized zinc formulation with an easy to use & pet acceptable oral wipe. These veterinay-strength dental wipes include 5+ active ingredients to help combat plaque and calculus while also freshening your pets breath. BENEFITS: Eliminates Halitosis Reduces Plaque & Tartar Formulation.

You might know these dog teeth cleaning wipes by their former name ““. They contain acetic acid and hexametaphosphate which aids in effectively brightening and whitening your dog’s teeth.

Not only do they brighten and whiten your dog’s teeth, they also effectively prevent accumulation of plaque. Their ingredients and uneven surface allow for a more thorough cleaning of your dog’s teeth.

These wipes are available in cinnamon flavor with a clove additive. This effectively relieves pain and soothes gums at the same time.

6. LANBEIDE Pet Teeth Cleaning Wipes for Dogs

Organic Dental Wipes for Dogs: What Are They?

These dog dental wipes an alternative to brushing in a stress free and convenient way without the worries of poisoning your dog. They allow you to effectively and safely keep your dog’s mouth clean and free of plaque, tartar, and other odor causing bacteria’s in a natural way. Simply because they’re free of alcohol, parabens, and other chemical ingredients that can cause your dog to become ill.

Natural dental wipes for dogs have been effectively and safely used for years. Some dog owner’s just prefer to use because their safe for all dogs and puppies of all ages and breeds.


Using dental wipes for dogs can be just as effective as brushing your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Always remember that cleaning your dog’s teeth should be a daily activity, and it is a process. But the ultimate goal is to prevent plaque and tartar.

And remember our dogs can be just as finicky as their owners. Therefore, you may have to try different wipes to see which of these dog tooth wipes will work best for your dog.

So always stay calm and never shout at your dog when cleaning his teeth. Doggie kisses are just one of the best parts of a day and they’re so much better and fresher after you’ve cleaned your dog’s teeth with dog teeth cleaning wipes.

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