Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive For Dogs Review

TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive for Dogs is a simple and effective way to keep your dog’s teeth clean. TropiClean Water Additive shields dogs’ mouth against tooth decaying bacteria that weaken the teeth over time.

Just a few drops of TropiClean Water Additive to your dog’s water bowl will strengthen and protect Fido’s teeth from painful oral disease. This TropiClean Water Additive review gives you all the information about this incredibly effective oral care product.

TropiClean is a well renowned pet products brand that specializes in oral health, grooming and supplement needs of canines. TropiClean prides itself on providing your pet with products containing wholesome ingredients that are sourced naturally.

TropiClean provides a variety of dog teeth cleaning products for dog owners to choose from. Their mission is to improve your pets’ life, by developing easy-to-use products like the Fresh Breath Water Additive for dogs.
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Himalayan Dog Chew: A Perfect Treat For Your Dog

Every dog owner wants to keep his dog busy to avoid the aftermath resulting from boredom. So what if there was a healthy dog chew that lasted longer and kept your dog busy the whole time? The Himalayan Dog Chew is one such product and the go-to choice of hundreds of happy dog owners.

Of course there are several other dog chews you can use to keep your dog busy. But there is a high probability that your dog will finish them off within minutes. And you might not want to feed your dog more than a couple of chews each day to avoid health issues.

What Are Himalayan Dog Chews?

Himalayan Dog Chews are special kind of chews that are tough enough for dogs who are moderate to aggressive chewers. These chews also pack a surprising amount of dog teeth cleaning power due to their hardness. These chews will easily entertain your dog for longer duration during the day.
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Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Dog Food Review

Brushing dog’s teeth can be time consuming if you cannot keep your pet under control for extended periods. It can also be frustrating to maintain a schedule yourself for brushing your dog’s teeth. Keeping your dog’s dental health in check is one of the best ways to shield your dog from health problems. Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Canine Dental Care Dog Food is one of the popular alternatives to manual teeth brushing. Available with most veterinarians, the Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d offers a pet friendly way to keep your dog’s teeth clean each and every day.

It’s nutritional value, combined with the fiber matrix technology, is what makes Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Dog Food stand out from it’s competition. In simple words, Hill’s Dental Care Dog Food consists of a formula that helps to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. You neither have to invest in a dog toothbrush and toothpaste nor spend hours trying to brush your dog’s teeth.

Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Is a Nutritious and Tasty Dog Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d consists of tasty chicken flavored kibbles that your pet will love. The kibbles come in two sizes one for large dogs and the other for smaller canines.

Hill’s Dental Care Dog Food Buying Options

Price: ~$25 for 5lbs and up to ~$80 for 25lb

Sizes Available: 5lbs or 25lb (Large Breed Only)

Varieties: t/d Regular and t/d Small Bites for small breed dogs.

Rather than crumble in the mouth like many other dog foods, these kibbles mold around the dog’s teeth. This helps in scrubbing away the plaque and tartar from the tooth surface.

You can send the unused portion in the package for a refund in case you are unhappy with the results or your dog dislikes Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Dog Food. This is how much Hill’s Pet Nutirtion believe in this product. The dog food has also been tested by actual veterinary doctors to ascertain it’s effectiveness as a dental health solution.

Hills Prescription Diet t/d Canine Dental Care is rich in nutrients your dog needs for everyday well-being. The quality, taste and the high nutrient content make Hill’s Canine Dental Care Dog Food a great daily supplement or occasional dog treat. Feeding your canine friend up to 10 kibbles a day will provide enough nutrients and at the same time take care of your dog’s dental health.

No More Struggling With Toothbrush Training

For most dogs, having a toothbrush in their mouths isn’t an experience they’ll enjoy. Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Canine Dental Care Food offers a simple alternative. Nibbling on tasty and crunchy food is a natural behavior you’ll find in every dog. While your pet enjoys chewing on Hill’s t/d kibbles, he’s also having his teeth and gums cleaned.

A Formula That Effectively Cleans Dog’s Teeth

Each Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Canine Dental Care kibble includes the special fiber matrix technology. The kibbles act like a soft brush rubbing against your pet’s teeth and gums. As a result, the sticky particles don’t get lodged between teeth and gums. This action removes dog plaque build-up that could be home to odor causing bacteria. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about your dog swallowing it!

Backed by Veterinary Professionals

Along with safely cleaning your dog’s teeth, Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d also offers a blend of nutrients your pet needs for optimum health. Veterinary professionals everywhere agree that the formula is effective on both fronts and recommend this product to dog owners.

Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Ingredients

Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Ingredients

Note: Must be purchased from your veterinarian or with a prescription written by your vet. Use only as directed by your veterinarian.


– A natural and safe way to clean your dog’s teeth. Simply feed your dog and the kibbles will do the rest.

– Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d is not just a dental cleaning aid, you can use it as a daily treat or food supplement.

– Veterinary professionals back it’s unique design and effectiveness in cleaning dog teeth.


– Compared to ordinary dog food, Hill’s t/d is a bit pricier. However, cost can be justified by its teeth cleaning ability.

– Your veterinarian needs to provide prescription before you can buy this dog food.

– The chicken flavor might not be suitable for dogs with food allergies.

Tip: To get the best bang for your buck, feed this diet as a supplement or treat. Subscribe to the Hill’s email list for the chance to receive special coupons or promotions., and often have great deals on Hill’s Prescription Diets.


Why Vet Experts Recommend OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews For Dogs?

If only the best is good enough for your dogs, then you need to know about OraVet Chews. Merial, the producers of Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews, launched these at the prestigious American Veterinary Medical Association congress in 2015. So why do veterinary dental specialists recommend the OraVet dental hygiene chews for dogs? Does it make any difference to your dog’s dental health? And what do your dogs gets out of it?

OraVet chews improve canine dental health better than any other dog chew out there. And they have scientific proof to back this claim. Let’s find out more about OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for dogs.

How Do OraVet Dental Chews Work?

OraVet dental hygiene chews work by disrupting the formation of plaque, so that it no longer sticks to the dogs’ teeth. This is an important action because if plaque is left in contact with the tooth surface for more than three days, it hardens into tartar.
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9 Reasons Your Dog Has Bad Breath And 9 Ways To Prevent It

Love your dog, but hate his bad breath? Indeed you do! A healthy dog’s breath should be “paw-fectly” fresh. So if your dog has bad breath, it isn’t something you should shrug your shoulders and accept. It could be a sign that something is wrong with your dog.

Rather than recoiling or reaching for the air freshener, the responsible pet parent needs to start asking questions like:

“Why my dog has bad breath and what should I do to cure it?”

More than being unpleasant, a bad odor is a strong call for action. However, what you do, will depend on why the dog has bad breath. Because this isn’t just about masking an unpleasant smell, but also about fixing the underlying issue.

Do the right thing by your dog by learning more about the causes of halitosis (bad breath) in dogs and effective ways to prevent it.

Signs that Indicate Your Dog Has an Oral Problem

When a dog has bad breath the symptoms may be all too obvious, such as needing to hold your breath around your dog. More often though, it’s more subtle, such as a bad smell on the pet’s fur where he’s washed himself.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost: 5 Facts Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

Your dog’s bad breath can clear a room. But you decide to neglect it since the cost of dog teeth cleaning by your vet seems expensive. After all, it costs a fraction of that to get your own teeth sorted so why does dog teeth cleaning cost so much more?

Don’t let the cost of dog teeth cleaning bite you in the butt!

Understand how and why those charges arise so you can make an informed decision about the best care for your dog’s dental health. You may end up thinking that it represents good value after all.

Good dental health is not only crucial to keep your pet’s mouth pain free but also for their general health. Of course its human nature to hesitate when faced with a large invoice. And things become more confusing when the only thing you understand is the large figure at the bottom of the invoice.

But never get confused again. This article will give you peace of mind and make you smile by demystifying dog teeth cleaning cost.

1. Pre-anesthetic Screening

The vast majority of dental attention takes place under general anesthesia, for reasons outlined here. Whilst dog plaque buildup and dental disease is common in all pets over two years of age (shocking isn’t it!) it’s often the seniors in greatest need of attention. Continue reading…